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what we do


on the last thursday of every month, we put up a show of 3-4 original performance pieces that center around a theme in a venue around town.

at the end of that show, we prompt our audience for theme suggestions... and pick the next month's theme right then and there. 


those who are eligible are given 3 days to submit an original concept for the following month's show.


our creative directors then choose which 3-4 pieces to develop/program. 


the selected writers/creators have 5 days to write a first draft of their pieces while we cast them. 


we rigorously workshop and rehearse the pieces over the following two weeks...

... until the final thursday of the month, on which we perform them one time and one time only. 


the first 50 tickets are FREE. after that, regular tickets are available at any price you choose. all money/donations go to running the show. 

after a three year COVID hiatus, we're thrilled to be back on our regular monthly schedule.

why do we do this?

purely for the love of live performance art and our audience community. every person involved in public assembly donates their time and talent to the program pro-bono.

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